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I have always wanted to create things – Jump Fail Grow

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to create. This hunger to create still drives me. It is not just about being seen or noticed. It is all about being able to bring ideas to live. For the past few years, I life has gotten in the way. I have spend more time chasing the ideals of the society that I live in – instead of focusing on creating.

In this world, we have creators and we have consumers. There is nothing wrong with being either. I know that I am creator. Creating is my way of living my life in full.

I remember while in high school I told one of my friend that we should start a magazine. Mine you that I did not know how to get the founding needed to start a magazine nor did I knew what it takes to run one. I just knew that I wanted to start one.

Till that time, I have read many magazine and I was always fascinate with the types of stories that the publisher of each magazines chose to publish. I felt deep in my heart that we too – my friend and I could create our own little magazine that would chronicle our daily lives. Our daily live at the was limited to school and house parties on the weekend. I thought that perhaps we could create a magazine that would showcase the lives of high school students and their ways of having fun. At the time, I knew a few friend who were great poets, song writers and singers. All they lacked was a vehicle where their voices could be heard.

The suggestion to start a magazine was foreign to my friend. At that time, we cared mostly about girls and party. The only difference was that I had seen my mom owned her own business while I was growing up and I had seen first hand how she conducted her business. During summer breaks from school, I remembered helping my mom with running errands for her business. So, the idea of one day starting and running my own business had always stayed in the back of my mind.

The magazine idea was one of the many ideas that I had at the time, but my friend shot down that idea quick. That idea ended that day and I never brought it up again. Who knows what could have happened if I had had the courage to move on that magazine idea? Who know? I could have failed miserably or I could have succeeded and now have a string of magazines as a big time publisher. Who knows how the experience would have changed my life. Perhaps I won’t be online right now writing this post. There point is that I would never know what could have become of that idea.

It is the same for your idea. What if you start on that crazy idea today? What could your idea become in 5 years, 10 years, 50 years from today? The answer is I do not know what your idea will become and neither will you. You will have to get started and see how far you can take your things.

I have not mentioned money when it comes to executing your ideas. Money is important, but it is not the only thing that you need. Getting started does not need to cost you money. You might need to spend money once you start, but you can start brainstorming without money. You can start looking for information, people and resources to help you get started.




January 8, 2018

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