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Starting something – Jump Fail Grow

Starting something new is not always easy. I started this blog about 2 years ago and I’ve been trying to get things rolling. I had all this plans, but I never really got the time to work on the site or follow through on any of the goals that I had set.

I still have a 9 to 5. I intend to continue to work until my business gets off the ground and can support me and my family.

Though, I haven’t find time to work on this idea. However, I have found countless of hours and money to study for IT certification exams. I’ve spent literally close to thousands of dollars preparing for and taking IT exams. Yet, all the exams are meant to keep me doing the same thing, following the same pattern that 98% of people in this society follows. The pattern goes like this: Go to school, study hard, get out and get a job. Work really hard to build a life for yourself, live from paycheck to paycheck and retire at the age of 65, then die.

I found that I don’t want to follow that pattern. I want to follow a different pattern. I don’t want to live from paycheck to paycheck, I don’t want to retire at 65 years of age nor do I want to live my life for 401k and or for the government to take care of me at my old age. I want to live in abundance, doing the work that I love and have the freedom to live life on my own terms.

One of my goal for this site is to interview people who have started their own businesses and are living the life that they have always wanted. I want to showcase different people from different background who are doing what they needed to do.

I just wanted to create something that is meaningful and that was my #1 reason for starting this website.

Yes, the content on this website my might not be perfect, but that won’t stop me from moving forward with my idea. I would fix any errors as I move forward. You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to start!!




December 15, 2017

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