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All guests are welcome – Jump Fail Grow

I have wanted to start a podcast for years. I thought that interviewing celerities and the likes would give my podcast the best chance of gaining popularity. However, I found that I do not just want to interview celebrities or famous people that everyone knows. No!! I am interested in the human story.

I want to interview the single mom who raised 5 kids and in the process manages to finish college with a degree – while running her business on the side. I believe that my listener and myself can learn a great deal from such business owner. I am interested in how she was able to manage a home with 5 kids and still find time to study for her degree. Importantly, I will like to know what gave her the idea that she could run her own business, when the society we live in would have type-cast someone like her of being less worthy. I am interested in her struggle. How she keeps her head above water and how she manages to make everything work day in and day out.

I am interested in speaking to the floor cleaner who has cleaned a university floor for the past 30 years just so that his kids could go to the same school free of charge. I am interested in knowing the joy of seeing his kids go through college and graduate.

I am interested in speaking to the person who runs a non-profit organization that feeds the homeless. Who continually gives of her time and energy to support those in need. I am interested in knowing the she started and what the journey has been so far. Yes, non-profit is not glamorous. It does not come with flashing lights, fame or money. However, non-profit serves a purpose far greater than what Billion dollars companies could ever serve. I am in no way saying that billion dollars companies are a bad thing! No. That is not my point. I am just interested in exploring the different angle of human existence.

I am interested in speaking with business owner who have been running his business for the past five year, but has not been profitable. I would love to know the lessons he has learnt so far and how he has managed to keep going with lack of profit. I would love to know what keeps such business man going. What drives him to keep working, pushing and looking for ways to keep things going. I would love to know the failure that he has encountered and how he has been able to overcome them.

I am interested in meeting and speaking to the multi-millionaire and billionaire who have started mega enterprises and have continued to run those enterprises. I want to learn how they started, the struggles they went through and their triumph. I would love to learn how they have been able to handle work and life balance. I would love to know what drives them and what keeps them going years after year.

I am interested in speaking to the cab driver who works to send his children to good schools. I want to find out where he gets the strength to continue to move forward.

I am interested in those who are just starting. Who have not made a dime. I am interesting in hearing their story of how they started and what motivated them to start.

I am interested in connecting with entrepreneurs, business owners of all kinds. Your color does not matter, your look does not matter, your accent does not matter. Your voice matters, your ideas matters and your business matters to me. I welcome to write me using info@jumpfailgrow.com.

I’m interested in interviewing and listening to people who are 90 years and above. Age is not an issue. My listener and I could learn a great deal from someone who have lived such a long life and have seen much. I would love to know their struggles and triumph. I would love to hear about their regrets.

I am open to knowing people that you would like to see me interview. You can send me their names and contact details at info@jumpfailgrow.com and I would reach out to them.



January 7, 2018

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