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Keep on creating – Jump Fail Grow

Keep on creating is the definition of my life’s work.

Keep on creating means freedom.

Keep on creating means looking fear in the face and saying I dare you to say something.

Keep on creating means that I can take a chance on all of my crazy ideas and not care who likes them.

Keep on creating means being authentically me.

Keep on creating means that I can give myself a chance to continue to create without fear of whether what I’m creating are perfect. Yes, there is need for quality and I understand that. I would continue to work on creating quality products and content. At the moment, the quality of my writing, output and ideas might not be the best, but i’m a work in progress. I don’t need any validation from anyone to tell me that what I’m doing is good enough. I will continue to produce and quality will come with every article.

Keep on creating means that I could continue to learn about myself, the society, the world at large and continue to grow daily.

Keep on creating means that I could learn anything that I want, when I want and how I want. I went to school for Design, but I know work as a Technical Consultant helping companies build their cloud infrastructure. I learnt the technical skills that I need to get my work done.

Keep on creating means that I can be a writer. I have so many ideas that the world need to hear and see. I don’t need validation or applauds to get those ideas out. I don’t need anyone to tell me that I’m a good writer for me to write a book. You are currently reading one of my many idea. Is it the perfect article you have ever read? Probably not! It doesn’t matter if it is or if it isn’t. All that matters is that the idea is out.

Keep on creating means I can continue to create at my own pace. I’m not doing this to make a million dollars or to become a millionaire; though it would be nice if I do become a Billionaire through my ideas. haha. Yes, I’m human!!!

Keep on creating means I can make sure that my life is not defined by what society dictates should be my portion. I know people with mountains of student loans for degrees that they barely use and I know people with creative ideas who are too scared to take a chance on their goals, but decided to work for someone else just to provide for their family. I’m all for providing for my family. Yes, I still work a 9 to 5 job and I love what I do. Outside of work, I read, I study and hustle like my life depends on it. Working to feed your family shouldn’t be an excuse. I’ve heard that children of people that took a chance on their ideas and goals are better off in the long run than those that sticks to working 9 to 5 for the rest of their live just to support their family. Why? Because a kid seeing is mom or dad work countless hours to execute their goals would, I believe in the long run change the way the kid comes to think about work and life.

Keep on creating means to me that this live can be so much more than what I’ve been told through school, my Parents and the news. How were authors like Edgar Allan Poe, Charles Dickens, Oscar Wilde and F. Scott Fitzgerald and countless other able to go on creating masterpieces after master pieces? They took a chance on their crazy ideas. The world, I believe is a better place because some of those authors took a chance and worked tirelessly to make their ideas happen.

Seeing my mom hustles, I mean seeing my mom run multiple businesses when I was growing up had a big impact on the way that I process things and the ways that I see the world. From a young age, I had always seen myself as someone who is meant to run my own corporation. So far, I have started multiple companies. Some that worked and others that didn’t. Yet, I’m relentless. Relentless to continue to create and find ways to make my life count.

What does keep on creating means to you? Whatever it means, take that chance to Jump strategically, Fail without quitting and Grow without limits.

I would love to hear your story. If you have an exciting idea that you’re working on that you feel the world needs to hear, get in contact with me and I would gladly interview you and help you spread your idea to the world.




January 20, 2018

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