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Reasons – Jump Fail Grow

My reasons are to be the best version of me.

I am not interested in competing with or being considered the best over anyone. My main focus is seeing how far I can go and what I can create in the process.

I the past, I have competed and tried to best everyone around me. It worked and I got burnt out. I ended up spending so much energy and time trying to be the best that I neglected to be me. To be the person God created me to be. 2018 is a year of focus. Focus on essentials. I do not have everything figured out and that is okay. I only know who owns tomorrow.

My ideas matter, my voice matters, my vision matters and my contribution matters. Yes, I could have started this blog 2 years ago when the idea first struck or I could have already interviewed 50 people. I found that none of those things matter. What matters is to execute my ideas. It matters little how long it takes me to get started. What matters is getting started or in my case – jumping into my hustle.

A profile in starting late. Ray Kroc spent the best part of his life/career selling milkshake machines across the country. At age 50, most people would have settle into a life of comfort. A life of do nothing. A lif where they no long read books to get ideas or dare to take risks on their ideas. They settle. Settle for what society thinks a 50 year old should do. Settle for 401 and social security. Not Ray Kroc. At 50, his hunger, his mind and his brain were alive. While selling milkshake machines, he noticed that a company owned by the McDonald brothers were ordering high number of milkshake machines. He went to California to investigate and he ended up buying the McDonald brand from the McDonald brothers. There is no state or city in the United States with no McDonald store. Ray Kroc dream lived on. Though Ray Kroc passed 1984 (that’s 34 years ago), the brand that he created lives on. When the story of the world is written, there would be a page dedicated to 52 years old man who think that he could and who did it.

At 52 years of age, Ray Kroc did not set out to build McDonald. He set out to make money and feed his family. While working – he continued to look for ways to better his situation and he kept searching. The McDonald brothers did not just signed over their company to Kroc. No! He worked tireless for many years without owning a single McDonald to his name. With time, he not only owned a McDonald, but he bought the whole thing.

According to T.S. Eliot “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” My question to you is how far can you go if you start working on your idea today? I am not looking to motivate you or inspire you. I am speaking to myself as much as I am speaking to you. What can you accomplish this year if you start today? Where would your life be this time next year if you take the time to move, jump or start now? Your idea does not have to be perfect. You can refine it as you go. What impact would acting on your ideas mean to your family? How would your kids or future kids benefit from the risks that you take today?

While in high school and college, my professor did not think much of my writing. I always got red marks and strike-through on my essays and I was told multiple times that I had issues with grammar. I found that none of those things have the power to stop me from working my goals. I found that I could improve my writing, upgrade my grammar and learn to be a better version of myself. Willing to is the first step. Taking an action is the second. I took and action and I am still taking action till today. Writing this post is part of my action. It is not perfect, but it is a snapshot of me in a moment in time.

Starting JumpFailGrow is a test of my own ideas. I had to convince myself that I had what it takes. I had to talk myself into believing that I have something to contribute. I even had the thought that people will laugh at my writing and would laugh at my short-coming, those seen and unseen.

You are reading my ideas and you are welcome to comment.

It does not matter if JumpFailGrow becomes successful or not. I do not care if I make millions or not. I will take that back. I won’t mind making a few millions. ahah. What matters is seeing my ideas come to life.

Welcome to my journey. Do not just be a spectator. Join in the conversation.




January 7, 2018

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