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You will fail, but you will learn. – Jump Fail Grow
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Making the jump into the life you’ve always wanted won’t be easy, but it will get better when you have the right information. To play a game, you must know the rules of the game before you can break them. To master a game, you must understand the fundamental. The fundamental of success is learning to fail and getting back up each time to give it your goal another try – until you succeed. To learn to run, you must first learn how to walk. A billionaire didn’t become a billionaire overnight. The billions came as a byproduct of putting in consistent work…grinding, working, hustling or whatever name you want to give it.

Learn what it means to fail and find a way to make sure that what caused the failure never happen again. You can’t not build your brand wishing and hoping that people will suddenly notice what you’re doing. No! You’ll more than likely will have to shove your product or idea down people’s throat before they’ll pay attention to what you’re doing. In the process, a lot of people might block you and not pay attention to what you’re trying to get across. Don’t worry! Just keep on creating and with time, you’ll those same people will come check you out to see what has become of your goal.

The probability of failure is high and that’s perfectly okay with me. I hope to interview people like Jay Abraham, Aliko Dangote, Daymond John, Magic Johnson, Dwayne Johnson and so much more people who have had a major impact in my growth.



July 6, 2016

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